A first-of-its kind digital marketplace connecting supporters directly to the progressive campaigns and causes they care about.

Taking the guesswork out of giving

A smart donor algorithm
User-verfied data &
giving insights
Drives donations to
candidates and causes
Direct to supporter updates
Event Platform

A centralized market that benefits supporters...

Much like how supermarkets and major online retailers offer a wide variety of merchandise and services in a one-stop-shop – GiveBlue will bring an unprecedented ease of experience to political giving.

Supporters will have centralized access to the information and tools they need to learn, research, support, and make a contribution to progressive causes, instead of having to hop from site to site.

… as well as campaigns and organizations

GiveBlue’s algorithm, user-verified data, integrated push notifications, A/B testing, and email will bring donors back to the platform time and time again and increase conversion rates:

  • Increasing strategic engagement opportunities
  • Driving recurring donations
  • Providing in-depth data on every donor engagement

Instead of depending on other platforms that have proved unreliable, GiveBlue is made by progressives for progressives.


Brice Barnes


Alex Hoffman


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